Apply for Service Form

By completing and submitting this form, you are applying for service with Murfreesboro Electric Department. This form also provides Murfreesboro Electric Department permission to perform a credit check on you to determine the amount of deposit required, if any. Please read our Requirements before submitting this form.

Your application for service is not complete until you submit a copy of your photo ID and your social security card to our secured fax at 615-494-0446 or e-mail required identification. Upon receiving the complete form along with the two forms of identification a customer service representative will contact you.

A connection fee of $50 will be reflected on your first billing statement.
Please do not submit a service request more than 14 calendar days in advance because request will be voided. The request should be submitted 5 to 7 business days prior to need date.

If you require same day service, you must apply in person at our office located at 205 North Walnut Street.

Please fill out the application as complete as possible.

Application for New Service

  • Contract for Electric Service 1. Applicant(s) agree(s) that he(she) will comply with, and be bound by the rules and regulations of the Murfreesboro Electric Department (referred to as MED) as they now exist and as they may hereafter be amended. Copies of those rules and regulations, as charged from time to time, may be seen by applicant during business hours at the office of MED. Those rules and regulations are expressly incorporated herein as though fully copied. 2. Applicant agrees to permit authorized agents and employees of MED free access to the premises of the applicant for the purpose of inspecting, reading, repairing, removing property of MED, tree trimming and clearing the right of way, or doing any other necessary act or thing. 3. Applicant agrees that MED may be limited in the amount of power that it can furnish due to limitations made by the wholesale supplier, Tennessee Valley Authority. Applicant further understands that MED on some occasions may be unaable to furnish electric power due to unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances and agrees to make no claim against MED as result of any such inability to furnish power. 4. Applicant agrees to be responsible for and to pay promptly when due all amounts owed for electrical current and any other charges authorized by the rules and regulations of MED. 5. Applicant agrees to pay a deposit of $_____ prior to service being instituted. MED reserves the right to clear the deposit prior to instituting service. If credit checks on information given in this application cannot be substantiated within thirty (30) days, an additional deposit may be required. 6. The giving of false information may result in discontinuance of service. 7. Applicant gives MED, or its third party collectors or attorneys, the right to contact his(her) employer and or supervisor, if bills become delinquent, for the purpose of collecting such bills. In the event on nonpayment of the amount owed MED, applicant hereby agrees to pay any collection fee incurred by MED up to 35% of the unpaid balance in addition to the unpaid balance. Legal action will be taken where appropriate to collect unpaid bills and charges. In that event, applicant agrees to pay all costs involved in the collection of delinquent accounts including reasonable attorney fees, court costs and collection fees/expenses referenced above. I/We hereby apply to Murfreesboro Electric Department for electric service. I/We have read, understand, and agree to the above terms and conditions.




Our Deposit Policy can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.

Questions? Customer service representatives are glad to answer your questions about this and any other MED programs. Call us between 7:00 AM and 4:30 PM Mon-Fri or email our customer service department.

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