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Our a la carte approach to Energy Services lets you control your consultation. If you don’t know how to unravel your tangled energy challenges, we’ll put you in touch with engineers who can share their experience and concerns for your problems. Remember, we are professionals who have gained insights from helping commercial and business customers throughout the Tennessee Valley region.

The following is a listing of our most popular services.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Recommendations

  • Types of Systems
  • System Sizing
  • Operating Costs and Economic Life Cycle Analysis


  • Office and Sales
  • Sports
  • Exterior Accent
  • Outdoor Security

Power Quality

  • Disturbance Monitoring
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Recommendations to Minimize Power Quality Problems

Electric Consumption

  • Facility Usage Profile
  • Demand Control Options
  • Electrical Equipment Operating Cost as a Factor in Business Cost
  • Energy Audits

Commercial Food Service

  • Equipment Selection and Sizing
  • Economic Analysis
  • Kitchen Layout
  • Refrigeration Recommendations

Electrical Distribution Systems and Wiring

  • Sizing Equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Code Advice

New Construction

  • Energy Use Projections
  • System Cost Comparisons
  • Materials & Building Techniques Suggestions

Water Heating

  • Sizing
  • Economic Analysis

For more information and to reserve your custom consultation, please call or e-mail our Marketing Department.


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