Keeping Warm

Winter outages make keeping warm a problem, but it can be done. The thing to remember is to keep as much heat as is available from escaping. There is residual heat in your home, your body is a natural source of heat, and the sun is a wonderful solar heater. In combination, these can get you through in comparative comfort.

Warm Room
Choose a small, well-insulated room with few windows as your emergency living quarters. Block this room off and put cardboard and blankets over the windows at night to minimize heat loss.
Wrap up in warm clothing. Put on several thin layers instead of one or two big bulky garments. Thermal underwear is good. Don’t forget to wear a hat. As much as 80% of a person’s body heat can be lost without one.
Stay Close
When it is extremely cold, the whole family (pets, too) should group in one room where all drafts have been sealed to benefit from the combined body heat.
Eat Something
The body burns food to produce calories, which keeps you warm. Open those cans of food that need no cooking and make sure everyone eats something. If frozen food starts to thaw in very cold weather put it outside in a shaded spot away from animals.
Layer blankets or quilts over you. Wear plenty of clothes plus a hat. Remember that the human body gives off heat. Sleep with two or three people together under the blankets or in zipped-together sleeping bags.
In the daytime, use the warming rays of the sun to keep you comfortable. Open the draperies to get the warmth into your home. Sit out in the sun in a spot away from any wind. You’ll be surprised how quickly you heat up.

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