New Home Program

New Homes Incentive Plan for All-Electric Homes

All electric homes are evaluated using the energy right Program Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) Software.


Classification HERS Rating Index Single Family Multifamily
energy right Platinum 85 or less $800 $50 per unit
energy right Platinum Certified* 85 or less $1600 $100 per unit
Advanced Water Heater** $100


HERS Rating:  The performance rating of a new home shall reflect, at a minimum, the following features of the home: Geometry, style (floor plan layout) and orientation of home Size of new home (conditioned floor area; conditioned space) Characteristics of unconditioned basement Types, areas, and insulation characteristics of: conditioned basement walls and floors, foundation assembly, conditioned above-grade walls, floors, ceilings, conditioned doors, windows, skylights, etc. Rate of infiltration/air leakage based on tests Type, location, size and efficiency of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and water heating equipment

Two inspections are required for home to qualify under the energy right® Program and receive incentives.  These inspections are: 1. insulation before sheet rock is installed, and 2. final inspection (units will need electricity).

The builder/customer must use a QCN contractor and submit the above rating information prior to the inspection. The builder/customer will be required to call or fax a request for the inspection. It is not the responsibility of Murfreesboro Electric to track the building progress of the home. If the inspection is not requested in a timely manner, incentives will be forfeited. If possible the final inspection should be performed before the home is occupied. If the homeowners have moved in before the inspection, a representative of the builder must be present during the entire inspection.

*Certified-A blower door test and a duct blaster test will be performed. The builder is required to have this done by a certified rater and submit the certification to MED.

**”Advanced Water Heater” means an AEWH:  (A) that  (1) has a tank designated as a lifetime warranty tank (with the lifetime warranty from the tank manufacturer) and an energy factor of  (a) at least 0.93 (for tanks 60 gallons or less) or  (b) at least 0.91 (for tanks more than 60 gallons), or  (2) is classified as a heat pump water heater, or  (3) has an integrated water heating system that combines water heating with space heating  (B) that is not designated as an Instantaneous Water Heater.

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