New Home Program

Exciting Offer For Valley Homebuilders

It’s New

The New Homes Program was redesigned by TVA and local power companies to offer a suite of new HVAC and water heating equipment incentives. Incentives are available for all-electric homes, as well as homes that have gas appliances in them. The incentives are offered for single family homes, duplexes and multi-family homes.

It’s Easy

To be eligible for incentives, homes must be new (less than one year old), built to prevailing local code, and have qualified equipment installed.

  • A quick and easy validation will be conducted on a small percentage of qualifying homes.
  • There’s minimum paperwork.
  • No ENERGY STAR® requirement!


It’s Rewarding

The New Homes Program offers incentives up to $1,000 per home. The incentivized technologies are highly desired for their efficiency, effectiveness and longevity, which makes homes more marketable. Additionally, participating homebuilders can receive the added marketing benefits of taking part in a program sponsored by TVA and local power companies.

A Wide Range of Incentives are Available to Homebuilders

Single Family

$1,000 $750 $600 $500 $400 $300 $200
All Electric Home No Gas Electric Heat Pump &        Water Heater Electric Heat Pump Duel Fuel Heat Pump & Electric Water Heater Duel Fuel Heat Pump Mini-Split Whole Home Conventional Electric Water Heater



$150 $100 $50
All Electric Home No Gas Electric Heat Pump & Water Heater Electric Heat Pump


Start Earning Today

Contact Todd Thompson at (615) 426-4015 to indicate your interest in the New Homes Program, get specifics on the incentives being offered by the local power company that will serve the home or development, and learn how to sign-up.

For more information on the energy right® New Homes Program email

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